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Doug Collins Quote Bombardment

Doug zipping his fly and distracting the audience.
Doug zipping his fly and distracting the audience.

Sixers coach Doug Collins has never been one from shying away from the dramatic. He frequently references how he doesn't sleep and the age-old adage of not getting too high after wins or too low after losses just doesn't fall on him. Kid lives and dies with each basket. Since the Wizards game, there's been a bunch of good Collins quotes that, on an off-day, I feel like we should give to you in bulk. So hold your breath and chomp on some Doughouse talking.

(Most of these are from our boy Tom Moore and some from Derek)

'I didn't get a lot of sleep (last night), but I got a lot of rest.'

'I don't know what (change) I could make.'

Regarding this last one, it seems the most recent change he made was not playing Louis Williams in crunch time against the Hawks. That worked, but let's see how long it lasts.

"Every game now is precious, especially these road games. The one thing you can’t start doing is not valuing every game."

'We have to be more consistent. That's one thing we have to do. ... There can't be growth without pain.'

"I think we’re going through a little bit of growing pains still."

I said 'guys, I want to believe that's not who we are'. And they showed me tonight."

'I was in my Tony Robbins mode tonight - every motivational phrase I could think of. I was having 3-13 nightmares.'

'We're not going to overwhelm anybody. We're a team that's synergistic.'

'We rode Sugar Bear tonight. Elton just wasn't going to be denied.'

I just love that Sugar Bear quote. Anybody calling for Collins' head?

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