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VIDEO: Andre Iguodala Pulls Chair On Louis Williams

Not much has been going right for the Philadelphia 76ers lately, but after last night's win over the Cleveland Cavilers, all seems to be well again.

Andre Iguodala – who jokingly wondered why his teammate, Lou Williams, couldn't "defend anybody", in a recent SI interview – piled on the Boss in the fourth quarter of Wednesday's game by pulling his chair out from beneath him on the bench. A spill ensued. Lou laughed it off, but probably murdered Andre in his head, like Stewie from Family Guy.

We can only assume that this incident will make it into Lou Williams' next rap video. Maybe something like this ...

I'm a Boss, I get cake

That chair prank, a mistake

You play defense, gimme a break

I can defend, Steve Blake

I'm the Boss, get baskets

Pull that sh*t again, you need a casket

Just got a text, from coach Collins

Stealin' bags, like Jimmy Rollins

Check out the video after the jump.

H/T 700 Level

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