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Top Grooming Moments In Sixers History: Samuel Dalembert

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The Philadelphia 76ers had a a lot of great hairstyles throughout their storied history. Iverson's braids became almost iconic, and who can forget this moment? Andre Iguodala went Bowser on us one summer. Kevin Ollie's mustache was a thing of beauty. Spencer Hawes went to The Situation's barber once. But the best grooming moment in recent team history has to be Sammy D's mohawk for the 2008 NBA Playoffs.

Where do I begin? Not only did Samuel Dalembert go Mohawk, he also had his initials etched in the side of the head. That would've been enough to be awesome, but he took it a step further with a weird line cut down the middle of his mohawk.

The Sixers went on to lose that Playoff series to the Pistons in six game. Sammy D averaged nine points and nine and a half rebounds. It's still the coolest haircut of all time, regardless.

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