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2012 NBA Draft: C.J. Leslie Stays In School

Just hanging.
Just hanging.

From the N.C. State wesbite:

"After talking this over with my family, we have decided it would best for me to return for my junior year," Leslie said. "I'm on track to graduate, which is important to me and my family, and I'm excited about building on what the team accomplished last season. There are parts of my game I want to continue to work on and take more of a leadership role with the team."

Another prospect I pimped for the Sixers bit the dust.

Leslie is a freak athlete, but may lack a true position in the NBA. He wasn't wildly productive during his two years at N.C. State, but has huge upside. There's also a lot of bust potential here, so using a mid-first round pick on him would be risky.

Last week it was Tony Mitchell, now it's C.J. Leslie. Like Mitchell, Leslie is probably making the right decision to stay in school. Both are extremely talented, but raw, which is why they were considered late-first, early-second guys. With good seasons, they could boost their stock tremendously.

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