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Keep, Marry, Trade: Playing The Age-Old Game With The Sixers Roster


I just wrote about Adam Aron's recent tweets. Now, it's time to focus on one in particular.

No disrespect to the other 11 Sixers fans, but the fans that read and comment on this site are the smartest Sixers fans in the universe. I also like to think that Aron, or someone close to Aron, reads Liberty Ballers occasionally – rumor has it, he's a closet Bowling For Soup fan. So, now's you're chance to tell Aron what you think of the mediocre roster, whether on here or on Twitter. I recommend both. Don't let those guys get to him first!

But, peep my Sixers version of 'Keep, Marry, Trade' after the jump first.

Keep: Evan Turner

This one's pretty easy for me. It's between Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday. Both have nice upside – borderline All-Star potential, depending on who you talk to – and both are still on their rookie contracts. The reason I chose Turner is because I think he has a little more upside and has one more year on his rookie contract than Jrue.

Marry: Jodie Meeks

Technically, Aron didn't ask this, but everyone knows 'marry' is a staple in these hypothetical games. This one was even more obvious than who to keep. Jodie follows me on Twitter and 'play Monopoly on family night with Orestes Meeks' is on my bucket list. Seriously, how awesome would it be to have a step dad named Orestes. When Jodie brought me home, it'd probably go something like this.

Trade: Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young

It's hard to narrow it down to just two, but Aron asked for 1-2, so I'll oblige. Iguodala is obvious. He's a great player with a reasonable contract and arguably the best perimeter defender in the NBA. However; his age and contract situation does not fit what this team should be doing – rebuilding/building around Jrue and/or Turner.

One of the basic concepts in business is selling high. That's what the Sixers need to do with Iguodala. We've already seen in the past few years, his body is beginning to show signs of breaking down. And I don't think Iguodala's game will age well, since he relies a lot on his athleticism. Letting Iguodala walk when his contract expires or re-signing him – regardless of the contract – would both be failures on the Sixers part. He needs to be traded, and not for "equal value". Cheap, young players + draft picks.

Thaddeus Young is similar. I was against re-signing him all along. I love Thad, but he's nothing more than an energy-based sixth or seventh man on a championship contender. The Sixers aren't a championship contender and won't be any time soon. Therefore, Thad is an unnecessary luxury for this team. There's no reason to be paying 8-10 mill for an unnecessary luxury for the next four years – especially for a guy who gets exposed in the playoffs every year, when the game slows down.

P.S. Aron didn't ask about signings, but do not – I repeat – do not re-sign Spencer Hawes. I don't care if he'll play for pennies.

You turn!

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