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It's Working, Maybe: Sixers CEO Changes Tune On Twitter


One of the few things I learned during my four year career at UNLV, besides how to rap, is how important it is for the CEO of a company to keep the public happy. Early in the season, the CEO of the Sixers, Adam Aron, was doing and saying everything right and the Sixers were winning. Then Aron said some startling things on Spike Eskin's show, the Sixers entered full-on collapse mode, and the cautious optimism once associated with the new owners vanished into thin air.

A few days ago, I summed up my feelings on the Sixers franchise. They've been mediocre for a long time and change didn't appear to be imminent – based on my reading between the lines. Many die-hard Sixers fans have even resorted to rooting for their favorite team to lose – not because they want a better draft pick, but because they simply want the front office to realize how under-talented and mediocre this roster really is.

Well, it may be working.

As recently as today, Adam Aron abruptly and somewhat ominously changed his tune on Twitter. Check out the following tweets:

Holy Tyrone Hill, those sound like tweets from the Liberty Ballers account!

Here's what I think about Aron's recent tweets: he's the head cheerleader for the Sixers, as well as the CEO. One of his duties is to keep fans happy and this appears to be a concerted effort to do just that. I can't imagine the venomous tweets he receives on a daily basis. He needed to address these issues at some point, and I'm glad he did.

In theory, his tweets are awesome, but should be taken with a grain of salt. He said himself, that Rod Thorn and company are in charge of basketball decisions – but Aron/Harris have a say. It's clear that changes need to be made, but do you trust Rod Thorn to make the correct changes? I don't.

Regardless, these tweets represent a small (miniscule) step in the right direction. Bravo, Aron.

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