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Sixers Reportedly Going to Orlando, Not Las Vegas, Summer League

This is disappointing. Per everyone's favorite Tom Moore, who heard it from Rod Thorn, who read it in his tea leaves, the Sixers will not be going to the Las Vegas NBA Summer League after the NBA Draft in July. Vegas is generally seen as the "better" Summer League because it fields more teams and the major media outlets flock to Nevada for the games. It's especially disappointing because all five of us are going to be in Las Vegas for at least parts of those ten days of games.

Maybe it's because Orlando is closer and they can save money on airfare. Could be that the Sixers want a quieter, more family-friendly environment in Orlando than they'd find on the extremely sweaty and strippery Las Vegas Strip. Or maybe they just don't want Liberty Ballers anywhere near their draft picks, because we'd probably corrupt their innocent minds. Hopefully something changes Thorn's mind.

Either way, this is a bummer and we'll know have to figure out what we can do in Las Vegas together. There will be an abundance of pickup games happening, I'm sure. Maybe we'll kidnap Anthony Davis. Between the five of us, we should be able to tie him down, Celtic Pride style, right?

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