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Sixers Have 7 Games Remaining Before the Playoffs

Would be hilarious if Monta was the one to oust us from the final spot.
Would be hilarious if Monta was the one to oust us from the final spot.

The Sixers found a way to do exactly what they do best: disappoint everyone. Prior to the three game stretch against the Nets (2x) and the Raptors, some people wanted them to lose every game, the more traditional wanted them to win every game. The Sixers made everyone unhappy, winning two of three, including last night's embarrassing loss AT HOME to the New Jersey Nets. For reference, the Sixers are in danger of losing the season series to the Nets. Good thing they won't be around come playoff time. PHEW.

So here we stand, currently in the 8-seed with the New York Knicks (who own the tiebreaker) and 2 games up on the Milwaukee Bucks, who took care of business last night against the Detroit Pistons. As long as the Bucks can gain one game on the Sixers in the next five games, they'll be in position to beat them out for the final playoff spot. The two teams match up once more on the second to last game of the season in Milwaukee. If the Bucks win, they'd have the tiebreaker and all they'd have to do is knock off a probably coasting Boston Celtics team (on the road though) to secure a playoff spot.

The Sixers are doing everything in their power to trip themselves up, and with seven games left (6 of which are on the road), nothing is guaranteed. Whether this is hilarious, sad, pathetic, or simply a non-entity, there really can't be an argument as to whether the Sixers will "make noise" in the playoffs. In a span of 14 days, they lost games to the Wizards, Raptors, and Nets. Against good competition, they stand no chance.

Thus, it's prediction time. Seven games remain of the Lockout-shortened 2012 season. It's been interesting most of the time and frustrating even more often. Only seven games stand in the way of the Sixers and a playoff berth or what can only be described as a collapse of epic proportions. You know where I stand, let me know where you're at on this train ride to whereversville.

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