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2012 NBA Draft: ESPN And Draft Express Mock Drafts, Part Two


Almost two weeks ago, I wrote about the latest versions of the ESPN and Draft Express NBA Mock Drafts. With the level of depression sky high in Sixers nation, the best medicine is draft talk. That said, let's talk about the updated versions of two mock drafts.

ESPN: Terrance Ross, SG, Washington

Analysis: Jodie Meeks is the closest thing the Sixers have to a great 3-point shooter. Adding Ross would be an instant upgrade at the backup shooting guard spot.

Ford had Meyers Leonard going one pick after the Sixers, who I'd rather have than Ross. Meyers is a projectable big, but nothing special, in my opinion. There's also Fab Melo and Arnett Moultrie – two relatively underwhelming big men.

Tony Wroten Jr. and C.J. Leslie are two intriguing guys . Neither fills void of 'legitimate big' for the Sixers, but it's not like this team is one piece away. The Sixers need talent and Wroten and Leslie will probably be two of the most talented players available at 16.

Although he's very raw, with an inconsistent – at best – jump shot, Wroten has the potential to be a go-to scorer in the NBA. We always talk about the Sixers lack of free throws and shots at the basket. Wroten would immediately become the Sixers best penetrator. He attempted the fifth most free throws in college basketball as a freshman.

He doesn't come without problems – weak right hand, 16 percent from three and 58 percent from the free throw line – but Wroten is the type of guy I'd like to see the Sixers take a flier on.

Leslie is a freak athlete, but may lack a true position in the NBA. He wasn't wildly productive during his two years at N.C. State, but has huge upside. There's also a lot of bust potential here, so using a mid-first round pick on him would be risky.

The guy I'd pray fell to the Sixers is John Henson, who Ford has going one pick before Philly.

Draft Express: Austin Rivers, SG, Duke

I can't say I'm a huge fan of Austin Rivers. He's one of the more well-known prospects because he's the son of Doc Rivers and he hit a game-winner against North Carolina, but I don't think he'll be a great pro. He size and athleticism are unimpressive, he's not a true point guard and he's not the shooter Stephen Curry was coming out. I think his upside is a bench player in the mold of Lou Williams and Jamal Crawford.

Royce White is another interesting guy mocked after the Sixers pick. He's a talented and versatile big man with some serious off the court issues, including a fear of flying and an anxiety disorder. He's a guy teams have to do their homework on if they plan on considering him with a first round (guaranteed money) pick. But based on talent alone, he could be a steal.

Fab Melo and Tony Wroten are also mocked after the Sixers pick at DX.

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