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Follow the Sixers Through Liberty Ballers Social Media

They both follow us on Twitter and Facebook (they don't).
They both follow us on Twitter and Facebook (they don't).

If you haven't been paying attention to the world for the past decade, you wouldn't realize that social media is pretty much the only way to communicate with anybody. Personal interaction? HA! You make me and my spanish beagle named Manny giggle with such nonsense. Anyway, for some strange reason our readership has grown this past season (it's from us paying you guys to read) so I thought what better time to remind you guys of all the fun ways you can interact with us! It's really the only fun thing to do now that the Sixers couldn't win a game if Hip-Hop's life depended on it. Oh, wait...

If you're a huge Mark Zuckerberg fan, hit up the Liberty Ballers Facebook page where we occasionally post some articles, ask extremely though provoking hypothetical questions (i.e. If the Sixers had their own Hunger Games, who would win?), and give out a Liberty Ballers Fan of the Week (at one point being given to Spencer Hawes' family member) from time to time. We're about 175 fans away from reaching 1,000 total, at which point Dave will write a Remember This Guy installment about Jamal Mashburn's tenure as a Sixer, so hurry up and tell your friends!

Twitter is where the LB crew is definitely most active. Hit up our main blog account @Philly76ersBlog for all important information regarding the Sixers. Jordan tends to live tweet games from this handle which is great when you're unable to be near a TV.

In addition, each writer on the site has his/her (mostly his) own Twitter account.

@samsjordan (Jordan Sams) - The LB originator tweets about a wide variety of sports subjects most of the time involving his thoughts on the Sixers, Cowboys (Dallas, not Oklahoma State), and Astros. When the new season of Jersey Shore kicks off, expect a bunch of Situation and preggers Snooki inspired tweets as well. Occasionally he'll throw in a Kim Kardashian themed post just to keep things fresh.

@Michael_Levin (Michael Levin) - Louis Williams' biggest fan tweets a ton about his love/hate of the Sixers and the Phillies most of the time. Every now and then he'll name drop a celebrity who he saw on the streets of LA. More often than not the celebrity is Tony Danza or Matthew Lawrence. Lately his thing has been trying to pick a fight with the official Sixers account.

@tsteidel (Tanner Steidel) - Hey, that's me! Most of my tweets are either about the Sixers, rap music, or general statements that make absolutely no sense (case in point, Taco Clouds). I'm sure my rap-inspired tweets turn off a lot of people but oh well. Recently I've been sharing some fun/nonsensical quotables from my co-worker/nursery school classmate Marc Stewart of William Allen High School basketball fame (i.e. I put my crutches down like San Jose).

@derekbodner (Derek Bodner) - This is the guy you're going to want to follow when it comes to well-informed, coherent twattles. Derek uses a lot of numbers and these things called facts in his posts. Like Mike, Derek posts a bunch about the Sixers and Phillies. Derek is credentialed for a bunch of Sixers games and he puts quotes up from pre-game and post-game press conferences very quickly. If you'd been following him, you'd know that he's tired of seeing Johnny Depp only do Tim Burton movies.

@wheresbenrivera (Dave Reuter) - Dave is the newest member of our illustrious/sweaty cult of writers. We recently kidnapped and brainwashed him by making him watch every Air Bud movie (there's hidden messages in those, you'll see). Dave tends to give insights on old Sixers players, what he's currently doing at the bar (sales for Dana Barros Appreciation Day), and why he's so busy (mostly having to do with late 80s/early 90s WWF Pay-Per-View Specials). Dave's our man-on-the-inside in Boston who's just about ready to make our attack against every member of the Celtics. Except Avery Bradley. He's too precious.

As always, our site is just as good as you guys help us make it. We always love to interact with our readers so hit us up on the Twitters or send us love poems on Facebook. We're currently having difficulties with our mySpace and Xanga pages but we'll be sure to update you when those are back up and running.

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