Liberty Ballers March Madness Bracket Pool

Uncle Jesse holding Basketball
Uncle Jesse is ready for March Madness. Are you?


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The smell of sweat, tears and gatorade (but mostly sweat) are in the air which can only mean one thing: March Madness is again upon us! Sixty-four Sixty-eight teams, some in the national spotlight, others, flexed to the dark shadows of local TV, battle it out to see which of them will be crowned the National Division I Champions. It is a magical time when Bobcats can become Bulls, Lakers can get upset by Wizards and any player can hit the BOSSiest of game winning shots.

All of this is nothing compared to the Liberty Ballers Bracket Pool, where the stakes are higher, the air smells of chicken-noodle soup and players keep hydrated with Dongalia shots. So crack your knuckles and break out the headbands. Pull out the game tapes, sharpen your throwing darts and dust off your lucky coin. Dial up your favorite psychic hotline because it's time to see who will pick their way to the top!

Venue: Yahoo Sports
Group ID: 48900
Super Secret Password: 23bossiso
Start Time: Sunday, March 11

Scoring for correct picks:

Round of 64 Round of 32 Regional Semis Regional Finals Semifinals Championship
1 point 2 points 4 points 8 points 16 points 32 points

While it might be tempting to name your bracket after your favorite LOST character, Sixer, Former Sixer, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis or any of the other lovely pictures or shows that we all know and love, this would make it hard to know who is who. More importantly, this would make it hard for participants to brag, trash talk and poke fun at the person in last place.
So, you should totally use the convention "Natalie Portman" (stars in) username's bracket.

The Round of 64 begins Thursday March 15th, so be sure to have your brackets complete by then!
Good luck!

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