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Evan Turner Will Start Rest of Season, Not Be Traded Per Howard Eskin

This shot did not go in.
This shot did not go in.

This might be contradictory to what John Smallwood was babbling about. Always intelligent, unbiased, and level-headed reporter Howard Eskin tweeted the following in regards to our resident non-BUST, Evan Turner:

As I said earlier I'm told Evan Turner will start for Sixers rest of season

I suppose my personal feelings regarding Howard Eskin don't really matter here (intense loathing), but we have no choice but to trust what he Twat and, as always, react to it. With the trade deadline looming, it would be awfully difficult for Evan to start for the Sixers if he's not ON the Sixers, so what I can also derive from this 15-word Tweet is that ET will not be traded at previously-mentioned deadline. Cool.

Evan's re-introduction to the starting lineup didn't exactly go swell from a scoring standpoint, given that he shot a sparkling 1-12 from the field. But he did tie a career-high with 12 rebounds and played decent defense as usual. Perchance Doug Collins is tired of the team's recent struggles on the glass and wants more minutes from Evan to curb those struggles? Who knows. If it has anything to do with Jodie Meeks shooting well in one game on the bench then, uh, I guess he takes way too much stock in one game.

Either way, I'm pretty jazzed about it. Starting for DC usually means at least 8 unadulterated minutes in the first quarter and a good chunk at the beginning of the third also. If Evan is really cemented there next to Jrue Holiday and Andre Iguodala for the rest of the season (27 games), getting at least 25 minutes a night, that would be a good sample size for us to see what the hell we have here. I'd imagine more consistently bad shooting would portend an offseason trade.

We'll see if Eskin is proven correct tonight and over the next few weeks when Jodie is M33ksing from the bench. Nitwit.

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