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NBA Trade Deadline 2012: What Should the Sixers Do?

A whole lot of this.
A whole lot of this.

The favorite time of speculists, conjecturors, and dreamers everywhere, the March 15th NBA Trade Deadline was pushed back a bit from its normal cubby in February and now finds itself battling with the NCAA Tournament for most basketballgasms. Since the Sixers are, for the time being, extremely involved in the playoff race, we'll have our eye fixed on the NBA rumor mill and away from the draft prospects currently not attending class.

With the Deadline just over a week away, the schemers at LB have a series of potential trades lined up for the Sixers like we did last year. And look how well that turned out! The Josh Harris-led ownership has absolutely no track record in Philadelphia when it comes to gun-pulling, trigger-shying, and any other firearm metaphor, so there's no precedent to refer back to. All we have are quotes from Harris saying he's impatient, competitive, and has deep pockets. K.

Before we jump into our own subconscious and build random circumstances and reasoning Ellen Page-style, we wanted to open it up for suggestions. We've been rather bereft of rumors for some time now, but Andres Nocioni's expiring contract and Marreese Speights' trade exception figure to be apart of most, if not all, conversations. You'll get a heavy dose of the practical (think backup point guard!) and a few dashes of the unlikely (Jrue Holiday for Gwyneth Paltrow, anyone?) so now is not the time to hold back.

The Sixers are 22-17, one game up on the Celtics in the Atlantic Division (game's tonight btw) and have the potential to shed a good chunk of salary after this season. Remember that Spencer Hawes cannot be traded due to the Qualifying Offer he signed. His Achilles, however, can be dealt wherever, that jerk. Have at it!

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