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Air Jordan 12 Campaign Finals: Flying Around, Through, And Over

A couple of weeks ago, SB Nation launched their Air Jordan 12 campaign, asking readers to vote on which plays most exemplified the qualities of flying around, through, and over an opponent. Liberty Ballers joined in on the fun and encouraged all you Tony Battie stalkers to participate in all the fun.

The polls have officially closed and we have our three finalists. Each nominee represents your top pick for each separate style (around, through, and over). Head over to to cast your vote on your favorite highlight clip. Personally, I love the the "fly around" winner; Chris Paul crossing Kobe Bryant so hard that the center for naming diseases quickly inserted "Shaking Kobe Syndrome" (there's dozens of us) into its 4th edition encyclopedia.

And if you're feeling extra saucy, get out to your local shoe retailer and pick up a pair of the new Jordan 2012s for yourself. In other exciting sneaker news, Jordan brand officially announced the release date for the Jordan VII Olympics (July 21st). This marks the second release of an Olympic colorway this summer as the Jordan VI Olympics will also hit stores 2 weeks prior (July 7th).

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