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Sixers Pick Up a Must Win Against Hawks: An Ode to Elton Brand

Oh, Elton.
Oh, Elton.

Hot damn we needed that one. Less than 24 hours after the Sixers laid a fat egg against the Washington D.C. Middle Schoolers, they played a complete 48 minutes against an en fuego Josh Smith and his Atlanta Hawks. No meltdown, no dizzying ineptitude, just a solid home win when they really really needed it. Oh, and HOLY HELL ELTON BRAND.

Elton scored a season-high 25 points on 12 shots, in addition to 10 rebounds, 5 assists, and 3 blocks. Derek tells us this is just the fourth time a Sixer has put up those kinds of numbers in the past 25 years. He was clearly the go-to player on the offensive end, especially in the 4th quarter where he scored 13 points and got to the line 6 times, using a barrage of banging post moves and midrange jumpers to get by Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, and Marvin Williams. He was a cot damn Chev. More on him later.

Andre Iguodala was his typically phenomenal self, notching 18 points on 12 shots, including 3-4 from beyond. With 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and passable defense on JJ (sometimes shots just fall - the banked three comes to mind), Andre was a big reason the Sixers finally won a game by 5 points or less. Had a J-Smoove desperation three not gone in with 5 seconds left, I guess the game wouldn't count as a "close win". Either way, they executed down the stretch, and all without the services of certified CLOSER Louis Williams. (I'm making a condescending face)

In terms of bench play, only Jodie Meeks contributed, to the tune of 12 points and 2 M33KS, while Thad and Lou provided forgettable performances. Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner have played better games, but both had a few stretches where they took over when the Sixers needed it. ET demonstrated his typical patience in transition and hit a few buckets inside, and Jrue nailed one of the biggest shots of the game off an EB post pass. Spencer Hawes was bad again.

All in all not a perfect game for the Sixers (they only realized they could get to the foul line in the 4th quarter - timely.) but a good one that they needed nonetheless. A half game back of the Celtics for the Atlantic Division lead, and the C's have Miami at home tomorrow. But that's a tune for another night.

After Jordan's eloquent lyricism of his pubescence remembered, I'd like to shine a light on my own emotional times. And for those times, it begins and ends with Barry Manilow. You know you want to hit the jump.

MANDY - Barry Manilow

I remember all my life
The Sixers had a big man strife.
Shadows of a Brand
The face of a Clipper.
Losin' in the night,
The night goes into...

Mornin', just another game,
Losses always feel the same.
Look into my eyes,
I see a Geiger,
I finally realize,
How happy you make me, oh Elton.

Well you came and you sadly got injured
And I missed you so dear, oh Elton
Well, you post up and Chevy unhindered
And we need you today, oh Elton.

Teeter on the edge of tank,
The Wizards loss smelled so dank.
Fallin' in the standings,
Need a veteran to save us,
Tony Battie's horrendous,
So get us that four seed, oh Elton.

Well you've lost quite a bit of your explosiveness,
But you're still super-crafty, oh Elton.
Well, you have a four inch vertical,
So start up the ignition, oh Chevy.

Yesterday's a dream,
We face the stretch run.
Cryin' is a waste,
And Collins is textin', oh Elton

Sometimes Doug calls you his Sugar Bear,
I wanna rub your fuzzy belly, oh Elton
Well, you'll probably get amnestied this offseason,
Let's ignore that for now, oh Elton.

Well you came and you sadly got injured
And we need you today, oh Elton.
You kissed me and stopped me from shakin'
That probably raises some sexuality questions, oh Elton.


and Francisco Elson plays us out, obviously.

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