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Sixers Vs. Wizards Preview: Hooray For Bad Teams!

Bless you.
Bless you.

Hide your salsa bowls, boys and girls! I'm pulling the old "double dip" today. I wrote up a preview for tonight's game against the Wizards for SB Nation Philly, so I'm just going to link to it, block quote some goodies and add a few John Wall-sized Nuggets for the Liberty Ballers preview. After all, there's only so much one can say about the JaVale McGeeless Wizards!

From SB Nation Philly:

At 11-39, the Wizards are the second worst team in the NBA, behind the Bobcats. As you can imagine, they rank pretty low in most statistical categories. They're the worst team in the league in assist rate. They're the second worst defensive rebounding team. And they rank in the bottom four in both offensive and defensive efficiency.


Nene Hilario has probably been the Wizards most productive player since being traded for JaVale McGee, and could cause the Sixers some problems on the interior, given their lack of capable post defenders.

So, yeah. Nene has played better with the Wizards than he had with the Nuggets this season. Keep in mind, he's only played five games with Washington, but his PER has increased from 16.8 to 21.0, his DREB% from 22.7 to 24.7, and his turnovers have gone way down. The Sixers have trouble with guys like Nene, evidenced by the 20 an 14 his dropped on them earlier this season.

John Wall is uber-talented, but he's so far away from reaching his potential at this point. Some nights he plays well, most nights he does not. He's averaging six turnovers in three games against the Sixers this season. Him and Jrue are always a fun match-up to watch.

Andre Iguodala is listed as questionable right now. He's missed the last two with knee problems. I'd probably sit him again, saving him for tomorrow's game against the Hawks. With or without Dre, the Sixers should beat the Wizards, who they're 3-0 against this season, winning by an average of 21.

Playing on the road, I don't necessarily think the Sixers win by 20+, but a 7-10 point win is in order. The Celtics are in Minnesota tonight, so hopefully they get Kevin Love'd and the Sixers wake up Saturday morning with a full, one game lead in the division, and leftover donuts in the oven.

Side note: John Wall once told me at the Lockout League that he named his corner three ball, "the panty dropper". So, hold on to your panties tonight.

Check out Bullets Forever, cause the second best NBA writer named Mike runs their site.

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