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Talking Sixers with Spike Eskin and Adam Aron on 94.1 WIP

You may have read the story from this morning about Sixers CEO Adam Aron revealing the priorities of the new ownership, even if he hadn't meant to do so that explicitly. Well thankfully, you don't have to take my word for it anymore because Spike Eskin put the whole segment online for all to hear. I'd recommend listening to that first before reading the previous article, if you haven't already.

Spike, who is absolutely nothing like his father and is - for my part - the best Philadelphia sports talk radio host since before Sonny Hill went senile, had me on to talk about the Sixers and it was completely unexpected for Adam Aron to call in. As is the case with his Twitter persona, Adam was very gung-ho about this Sixers team right now, emphatically stating hundreds of times that they're "an exciting young team", which for the most part can't be denied. The exception being when they're forced to run a halfcourt set.

Anyway give it a listen (it's overlong but enjoyable - TWSS), and let me know if I'm crazy for deriving what I did out of his comments. The biggest thing for me was that yes - I know first and foremost it's a business, but basically SAYING that he cares more about just getting the fans interested than legitimately going after a championship in three years blows me away. Hearing him say that made it excessively obvious that championships are nice in theory, but the bottom line is what matters most.

Let's hear it below.

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