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Andre Iguodala Injury: He Sits Again

These are Dre's knees.
These are Dre's knees.

He's been doubtful the whole day, but as gametime approaches, everybody's confirming that Andre Iguodala will not be playing in tonight's game against the Cavaliers. Icing a sore knee which they're calling "left knee patellar tendonitis", Dre gets his second game in a row off. Taking his place in the starting lineup will be Jodie Meeks. Sam Young figures to get a bunch of minutes off the bench.

For this game, it makes it a little less in the books for a Sixers win. Kyrie Irving is nasty and as Derek said in the preview, Tristan Thompson's length and athleticism could pose problems for the Sixers inside. It seems like a smart play in the long run though, due to how many minutes Iguodala plays per game. Doug Collins practically runs the dude into the ground and a week off can't hurt going into the stretch run. Unless, that is, they lose tonight. Then Doug is the worst and we should trade him for Willie Green.

Hopefully, as we always say, this can be Evan Turner's return to grace. He's been pretty bad the past two weeks after being the best player of all time for three games there. Against a weak Cavs wing crop, he should be able to take advantage and get his. Jrue Holiday figures to get more shots as well.

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