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Spencer Hawes Can Not Be Traded

He will not be traded for Tyrus Thomas.
He will not be traded for Tyrus Thomas.

People keep bringing up possible trades in the offseason and including Spencer Hawes in that mix. Let me please correct you so we don't have to every time. He cannot be traded. Spencer Hawes signed a qualifying offer after last season that essentially locked him up for one more season in Philadelphia. This means that he cannot be traded. Not at the deadline, and not in the offseason because his contract expires and he'll need a completely new contract. From Wikipedia:

For first-round draft picks, restricted free agency is only allowed after a team exercises its option for a fourth year, and the team makes a Qualifying Offer at the Rookie-scale amount after the fourth year is completed. For any other player to be a restricted free agent, he must be at most a three-year NBA veteran, and his team must have made a Qualifying Offer for either 125% of his previous season's salary or the minimum salary plus $175,000, whichever offer is higher.

Once his $4.05M contract expires, he can sign wherever he would like. But the important thing is: we cannot trade him. A sign-and-trade of a player like Hawes is unlikely especially with the new CBA (unless I'm remembering incorrectly) so he will either be re-signed by the Sixers or signed by another team.

He will not be traded. Spencer Hawes can not be traded. There.

(I hope Derek doesn't correct me because that will make me feel dumb.)

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