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Craig Brackins Back, To Take Francisco Elson's Cheerleading Role on Sixers Bench

When one door closes, another door Brackins. After yesterday's sad news that Francisco Elson AKA Frozone AKA Denzel Washington in Glory AKA The Mountain That Rides will not have his next 10-Day contract reupped with the Sixers, we've got bubbly word that Craig Brackins has been recalled from the D-League to grace the Sixers bench with his ass.

Brackins, per usual, was successful with the Maine Red Claws averaging 19 points and 9 boards in 34 minutes over the 7 games of fun. He shot a stinky 30% from beyond the arc, something it seemed like he was focusing on this offseason, but he hit the defensive boards hard so maybe he's back to acting like a big man after all.

This is just more yoyoing for Craig, who after being selected in the first round out of Iowa State (what up Marquis Gilstrap?), has done about as well as Carlton did when Will let him play on the team. There's likely no chance that Doug Collins will ever Release the Bracken, but if Lavoy Allen or Nikola Vucevic goes down, there is a sliver of hope for him to get a few minutes with the Night Shift.

Pour one out for Frozone and do some Dong shots for the Brack Attack in the comments below.

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