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Your Post-Trade Deadline Feelings on Sixers, Sam Young

Preview of tonight, perhaps?
Preview of tonight, perhaps?

While other teams had a more excitable day than our Sixers did, Rod Thorn did manage to come away with a long swingman he was so pining for. Sam Young isn't a ring of power or anything, but he'll be serviceable in a bench role that he wasn't getting this year for the Memphis Grizzlies.

But other than that, the Sixers are still missing a true backup point guard (unless you count Evan Turner) and another big man to supplant Tony Battie as the Danny Trejo of the bench. Also, those who were hoping to trade Louis Williams or unfortunately Andre Iguodala were left out in the cold. It should additionally be noted that all four of the Utah Jazz big men (Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter) are still employed in Salt Lake City. Offseason, perchance? One can hope.

So that's a big checkpoint down in the 2012 Lockout season. The Sixers stand at 25-18, 1.5 games up over the Boston Celtics for the Atlantic Division lead. Two games in a row against the Eastern Conference's best (Heat, Bulls) await them as a huge test of how good this team is with Evan Turner in the spotlight.

Are they as good as you thought they were? Did they disappoint you at the deadline? Was there another move out there that you were hoping they'd make? Marcus Camby, perchance?

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