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Sixers Sam Young and Thaddeus Young Nickname Suggestion Box

After an NBA Trade Deadline trade between the Sixers and Memphis Grizzlies awarded Philadelphia Sam Young, the Sixers now have the benefit of two Young's. This isn't as cool as the Nets having FOUR WILLIAMSES (Deron, Shawne, Sheldon, Jordan - although Shawne seems like he's on his way to Portland), but two Young's that play right next to each other on a beautifully named Night Shift is pretty damn cool.

So, as always, it's up to us to nickname them. Thad and Sam are both Young's, but they're Young's in their own way. Sam is clearly the older brother at age 26 (Thad's 23), and probably protects Thad from all the bullies on the playground who make fun of the name Thaddeus. But Thad is agile enough to sneak up to the top shelf and get them both some of the secret cookies. It's a nice thing they've got going here.

Please submit nickname suggestions and Rec the ones you like. I'd like to make the first suggestion: The Younglings. I think that's a solid start. Let's run with this, people.

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