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Sixers @ Pacers Game Thread of Thrones

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Lots of Paul George radiation.
Lots of Paul George radiation.
76ers vs Pacers coverage


25-17 24-16
Location: Bankers Club Life Fieldhouse
Time: March 14th, 2012, 7:00 PM Eastern
Channel: CSN, ESPN
Probable starters:
Jrue Holiday PG Darren Collison
Evan Turner
SG Paul George
Andre Iguodala SF Danny Granger
Elton Brand PF David West
Spencer Hawes
C Roy Hibbert
Advanced Stats: (league rankings)
102.7 (9) Off 100.7 (15)
93.8 (1) Def 98.0 (8)
48.3% (15) eFG% 46.2% (27)
44.5% (1) deFG% 46.9% (7)
10.4% (1) TOR 13.5% (9)
24.0% (28) ORR 28.8% (7)
74.7% (5) DRB 72.0% (24)
22.2% (30) FTR 32.3% (3)

Mortal Enemies: Indy Cornrows

Check out Jordan's preview to get yourself primed for tonight's nationally televised match-up of starless teams. Can Evan Turner continue his streak of outstanding performances he's given us the past three games? How many times will I mention my love for Paul George in the game thread? All these answers, and more, tonight!

It's the return of Spencer Hawes. Let's all welcome back our favorite Washingtonian!