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Knicks Fire Slash D'Antoni Resigns, Remain Bad at Basketball

There was never any question as to how talented the New York Knicks were. They've got some guys who can play. Point guard was a big issue coming into the season but then Jeremy Lin went all JEREMY LIN!!!!!!!!! on us and everyone was priming them for a surge up the rankings and an eventual takeover of the United States of America. Well that didn't happen, people got pissed off, Carmelo Anthony did some whining or not whining depending on who you believe, and coach Mike D'Antoni has resigned or was fired. Either way it was mutual, and either way, it's hilarious if you're not a Knicks fan. But if you are....

I'm dumbfounded. I guess this lends a little more credence to suggestions that D'Antoni wasn't on the same page as his team? I guess this makes Mike Woodson head coach for now (Update: Yes.)? I guess we're about to put up with months of speculation as to who'll be the new coach? I guess tonight's game against the Blazers is going to be even more bizarre than we expected? I'll update more throughout the day. For

As if the team needed any more disarray, go find a new coach. Though admittedly Mikey D never seemed like the right guy to lead this bunch. Is anyone? Rumors of Jerry Sloan were surfacing earlier today but that won't happen until the offseason and if it does, I'll laugh my ass off the entire summer.

This gives more credence to the fact that Carmelo Anthony is better than Andre Iguodala, Amar'e Stoudemire is a superstar, Jeremy Lin is the best player in the world, and New York is a great place to play basketball. Or, you know, not.

The Sixers remain seven games up on them in the standings. Just figured I'd throw that in there. Also, Evan Turner. He's swell.

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