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Talking Evan Turner and Some Sixers with The 700 Level

Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE
Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE

Andrew Unterberger of The 700 Level and I speak every few months about the Sixers, and normally it's about the team as a whole or what moves they'll make or how much Louis Williams bothers me. This time around, it was all Evan Turner, all the time. Head over to premiere Philadelphia sports blog The 700 Level (not to be confused with The 700 Club, who care much less about basketball) for the interview in its entirety.

It seemed like Turner had been in Collins' doghouse for a while, and perhaps most of all the few games before the move. Don't buy into the notion that maybe ownership muscled Collins into playing their No.2 pick more?

I'm sure that was certainly a consideration. Ownership and Rod Thorn probably had some - "let's see what he can give us" prompting for Doug. But I don't think it was all them, same as I don't think it was all Doug. He does what's best for the team to win games now. I have problems with that on occasion, but I don't think it was a vendetta against Turner that was keeping him out of games. Evan just wasn't playing that well.

We talk much more about the jumper, JTI, and Mark TItus in the full interview. Talking about Evan somehow never gets old. Hey there's a game tonight!

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