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Sixers Trade Deadline Links: Radio Silence Two Days Out


Happy NBA Trade Deadline Eve Eve Day, rumor-mongerers! We've got some links for you to click on and enjoy. None of them involve Dwight Howard. You've got enough of that from Twitter. Let's get started.

Thorn talks Sixers at the trading deadline -
"Right now to say if anything is going to transpire or not, you just don’t know. I couldn’t say one way or the other. You listen to everything and try to see if there’s something that could help your team without breaking it up." Baseline Awards
"Blog of the Week: Liberty Ballers
Much like the team they cover, this blog is deep. It has versatile content, great style, and a nice variety of voices. You know how good this blog is? They're pretty big on Win Shares which I loathe with a passion and yet they wind up convincing me on about 60 percent of their arguments. You need to be reading this blog." Backpats all around!

Sixers' Meeks shot himself onto the bench - CSN Philly
"I’d be shooting the same if I was starting," Meeks said. "Shooters have stretches where they’re not making a lot of shots and they have stretches when they do. I don’t think about it. When I’m open, I take my shots and I have confidence."

For the 76ers, Strength in Numbers, Not in Stars -

Collectively, Sixers get results by playing hard -
Thanks, John Smallwood. Your article telling everyone it was time to trade Evan Turner was timed perfectly.

Hawes goes 3-on-3, tunes up for Wed. return - CSN Philly
Might not be so likely anymore...

NBA Trade Deadline Proposal from Liberty Ballers - SLC Dunk
"I've seen our team struggle for many of our years because of a lack of interior defensive strength and length. Favors is both. Jrue is a great player, and if the Jazz were going for "Win now" I think they take a look at it."

Jrue Holiday stages ‘Lintervention’ in Sixers’ drubbing of Knicks - Times Herald
"I’ve always said that Jrue is one of the best defensive players I’ve ever seen," said Andre Iguodala. "As far as foot speed, staying in front of those quick guys and pressuring point guards ... people don’t realize how hard that is, and he does an excellent job of guarding them." Swooning everywhere.

Twitter - @mindofAI9
"Me and @thekidet aint having it. #glasswork" Glasswork, baby!

Sixers 106, Knicks 94: "At least it is a nice day out." - Posting and Toasting
"The Knicks weren't The Knicks. They were just some Knicks: a bunch of guys wearing the same sleeveless pajamas, jogging around with no apparent goal in mind. Instead of cogs in a machine, those guys looked like an array of spare parts, each whirring along independently and taking turns to fire." Enjoy this.

Brandon Jennings Made Available 'For Right Price' By Bucks - SB Nation
I'm happily surprised that this is at least being rumored. While Jennings has actually been fairly efficient of late (23.5 points on 18.8 shots in March), he's Iverson if Allen got to the foul line less and thought he was a sharpshooter.


Post your own links in the comments! Do ANY trades get made in the coming days? Hopefully we'll see some huge moves like a Keith Bogans for Nate Robinson swap! How about that Mr. Trade Deadline!

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