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NBA Trade Deadline Hypotheticals: Ok, Fine. We’ll Take Okafor Off Your Hands

(Read Mike, Jordan, and Derek's three trades here: Trade #1 Trade #2 Trade #3).

On Saturday, I had a couple of drinks and called my buddy, Pat. He's the residential NBA salary cap expert within my circle of friends. I threw a few JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche trade packages at him. Also told him that I've been sitting on this, "I've got 99 problems, but a Blatche ain't one" line for years.

It's gold, Pat. Gold.

He laughed, albeit out of politeness, and then said, "Dude, no team wants Blatche or his contract."

Fair enough.

So I then found this tidbit on the Rockets SB Nation site. The Hornets are considering offers for one of their first round picks, if that team also takes on the anchor that is Emeka Okafor's contract.

Overpriced priced big man? 4 out of 5 Kenny Thomases approve.

Sixers Trade

Andres Nocioni: $6.65 mil. ('12); $7.50 mil. (‘13 - team option)

Lou Williams: $5.92 mil (has an opt-out clause after this season); $6.390 mil. ('13)

2012 First Round Pick

Hornets Trade

Emeka Okafor: $12.54 mil. ('12); $13.543 mil.('13); $14.544 mil.('14)

2012 First Round Pick (via Minnesota)

Why would the Sixers do it?

Ok, ok, let's ignore Okafor and his eye sore of a contract for a second. It's the pick here that's enticing. With the recent news of Ricky Rubio's torn ACL, we have to assume that Minnesota will drop in the standings. The T-Wolves currently hold a 21-21 record, but lost their adorable point guard and play 11 of their next 13 games on the road. The Sixers could potentially find themselves with the #11 or #12 overall pick in one of the deeper drafts in recent memory.

(Here's a mock draft from Derek's Draft Express and Chad Ford's Top 100).

Oh, right. Okafor. Yeah, the contract isn't exactly team friendly. Paying twelve plus million for nine points and eight boards per game is like winning a stuffed giraffe after spending $200 bucks playing Skee Ball.

But there is some value here. Okafor is a capable defender, who can certainly add some beef in the Sixers front court - a definite position of need for this current roster. I'm guessing that the Sixers wouldn't resign Spencer Hawes in this hypothetical, but, really, I have no idea what Hawes would command on the open market anyway. Okafor could be a pricy, oft-injured, but passable insurance policy. And, yeah, I know. He's really expensive.

But, again. Lottery pick!

Why would the Hornets do it?

It's obvious. That pricy, oft-injured center with the giant contract would be our problem now. In return, the Hornets would receive a little over $12 million worth of expiring contracts (Assuming Lou opts out, which I think he will), and a first round draft pick which figures to be in the mid-20s. Overall, it's a pretty decent haul for a team in rebuilding mode who is desperate to shed a long-term contract.

Also, think of what Lou Williams could do on a 10-31 team with no repercussions. He may go all World B. Free down there in New Orleans. Boss first, ask questions later.

"Lou Betcha! Williams Drops 90 in Overtime Win over the Kings" (Sacramento Bee; April 11, 2012).

Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Why won't this trade happen?

Plenty of reasons. For starters, the guy who created this trade spends three hours a day on You Tube watching acoustic covers and Brother Love clips. A GM, I am not. Until yesterday, my biggest trade involved five Pogs and a Slammer.

But, more realistically, the trade won't happen because the Sixers want to win now. This deal would obviously stifle their short-term win potential. A team doesn't ‘sell' with a three game lead in the division.

It's just bad PR.

So vote below, and share your thoughts. I will side with the majority here, because I want you all to like me.

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