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Sixers Out-Lin Knicks Behind Turner, Lou-Will, and Iguodala

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

That was thoroughly enjoyable. Those 4th quarter collapses seem like distant memories now as the Sixers have won three straight, this time topping the New York Knicks (losers of 5 straight) at Madison Square Garden in front of a bunch of people who went home cursing Mike D'Antoni. Jeremy Lin was mostly invisible the whole game and it was another victory for Evan Turner and all the little TURNERMANIACS watching on TV.

With Louis Williams playing absolutely out of his mind off the ball to Turner, the Sixers have not had the offensive lulls that stalled them in the past. Along with Thaddeus Young, the Night Shift has been filthy since the Turner Era began, dropping 99 points on 66 shots in those 3 games. Now that they're both set in the roles Collins has given them, both players couldn't be in a better place for them to succeed. Especially if Lou keeps hitting off-balance long two's over Iman Shumpert and Tyson Chandler as time expires.

Hit the jump for some more thoughts on today's glorious win.

  • Everyone pour some out for Jodie Meeks and Lavoy Allen who have been completely buried on the Graveyard Shift. Meeks played seven minutes and didn't register a single stat - word has it he was hiding under the floorboards by center court with the rats who survived the renovation. Mr. 500 didn't play. Gotta break a few eggs if you want to make an Evan Turner omelet!
  • 15 more rebounds for Turner. Tomorrow we'll talk about how historically good he's been. Stay tuned!
  • Jeremy Lin is mediocre. Carmelo Anthony is mediocre. Amar'e Stoudemire is mediocre. Clap for your superstars!
  • Jrue Holiday could use a good game, but it seems like only one of he and Turner can live while the other survives. 2-14 today, fouled out, but played good D on Lin and got to the line 7 times! Truth be told, I'll take that. The shots will fall for him, I just love the idea of him getting contact and going to the line.
  • Awful lot of testiness today. The refs had a tough time for a lot of it, especially in the 3rd quarter, which by my calculation took 13 hours to transpire. A whistle per second in the last four minutes. Jeez.
  • Landry Fields did some landrying but couldn't keep Turner away from the boards and getting to his spots.
  • Turner again! He hits jump shots now! Didn't you know? 24 and 15 on 14 shots and 7 FTs. Man. He's gotta take care of the basketball more but that'll come once he gets more comfortable handling against NBA guards. Keep your head up, young man.
  • Elton Brand was distinctly serviceable. Hit a few jump shots, got a ton of tip-ins, and kept Amar'e and Tyson Chandler away from the cup. There have been plenty of bad Brand offensive games, but he's been great this season. High-five him next time you see him.
  • Steve Novak blocked a shot! That was enjoyable.
  • Loved Turner's technical foul. He gets kind of jawy on the court, which I love. He's not a shy kid. I do think that the Knicks should've gotten T'ed up for some of their complaining - not sure why ET got the hammer brought down but Melo and J.R. Smith didn't.
  • No Toney Douglas, no Josh Harrellson. I consider us lucky.
  • The Sixers are now 25-17 while the Knicks are 18-23. That's significant. They'll face again next Wednesday in Philly. We get a few days off before this Wednesday night's game against the Pacers. Then Miami and Chicago back to back. Winning 2 of those 3 games would be BIG.

We got some more stuff for you today and over the next few days of trade deadline goodness. That's three in a row for the Sixers. Go watch Selection Sunday. I'm pining for the days when Trey Johnson got Jackson State in the Big Dance.

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