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Andre Iguodala Named To 2012 NBA All-Star Team

Andre Iguodala has officially been named to the 2012 Eastern Conference All-Star team, and he will be the Sixers' first representative since Allen Iverson in 2006.

Iguodala may have deserved to be an All-Star in the past, but the lack of "sexy" scoring numbers and the fact that the Sixers have never been a very good team at the All-Star break severely hurt his chances. This year Iguodala is only averaging 13 points per game, but his team is 18-8 and lead the Atlantic Division. He's probably also the best perimeter defender in the NBA, and does so much else offensively for the first-place Sixers team.

Much has been written about Iguodala's deservedness in the past month. I kicked it off with the question "Does Iguodala deserve to make it?" Derek followed up with a case on why Iguodala should make the team. And today, you voted on whether Iguodala would make the team. 71 percent of you voted 'yes'.

Given the Sixers' early season-success Jrue Holiday and Louis Williams also received a little All-Star buzz, but ultimately, both were left off.

Make the jump for the complete list of NBA All-Stars.

Eastern Conference

Starters: Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Dwight Howard

Reserves: Joe Johnson, Andre Iguodala, Paul Pierce, Deron Williams, Chris Bosh, Luol Deng and Roy Hibbert

Western Conference

Starters: Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Andrew Bynum

Reserves: Marc Gasol, Russell Westbrook, Steve Nash, Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tony Parker and Dirk Nowitzki


Congrats to Andre Iguodala for his first and much-deserved All-Star selection. Go on Twitter and congratulate the man. The game will be held in Orlando on February 26.

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