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POLL: Will Andre Iguodala Be Named an All-Star Today?

On tonight's broadcast of Inside the NBA on TNT, the reserves for the upcoming NBA All-Star game will be announced. It's no secret that the Sixers haven't had a player named to one of these teams since some guy named Allen Iverson represented them.

This year is looking like it will turn out different for you beloved Sixer squad. They currently sit atop the Atlantic Divison over both the Boston Celtics and Jeremy Lin led New York Knicks and are percentage points behind Indiana for the third slot in the Eastern Conference. Every NBA fan knows that a winning team usually means all-star. While the Sixers might not have a statistical stud or someone that scores 20 points per game, they have the league's best perimeter defender and one of the best all-around players in Andre Iguodala. There have been years in the past where Iguodala probably deserved to make it but didn't because of the team's record. That excuse won't be made this year and the national media has been putting him on their theoretical rosters.

So folks, we ask you, from what you've seen of number 9 this year and considering the team's success, will tonight be the night that Mr. Iguodala is named to his first all-star team?

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