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MVP Andre Iguodala?


Quick - somebody create an AndreIguodala4MVP account because we are officially in the Twilight Zone of media coverage of the Sixers. In Tom Ziller's weekly MVP power rankings, he has listed our very own overpaid role player who only scores points in the fast break and misses every foul shot he takes - at number 8.

Andre Iguodala is the best wing defender in the NBA right now, edging LeBron, Luol Deng and, in my opinion, Tony Allen. Philadelphia has the league's top defense largely because 'Dala allows almost no breathing room for his cover on an almost nightly basis. That's valuable.

Chew on that, why doncha. After exactly zero NBA GMs listed Andre as the best wing defender, he's finally getting some love in the form of "yeah, he's the best wing defender". It's about time. Check the list to see who he's listed behind, but he's currently in front of, well, every other player in the NBA save for 7 guys. Those of the majority include LaMarcus Aldridge, Russell Westbrook, and Blake Griffin. Cool.

Do you think Andre, with his 12.8 points per game, has any shot at a top 10 finish in the MVP voting? I don't, but that's not to say he doesn't deserve it. At the very least, he's a lock for the All-Star Game, right? RIGHT? Efficiency rules the day.

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