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Lavoy Allen Needs a Nickname

Upon drafting Lavoy Allen, none of us particularly thought he'd ever contribute to the Sixers or any NBA team. Having seen him play for four years at Temple, it didn't seem like he was going to be able to transition his somewhat lackadaisical play at the collegiate level into a much faster paced game. And ESPN agreed, ranking him the 500th best player in the NBA, at the very bottom of their list but still probably quite a bit better than all of us.

But, in the absence of Nikola Vucevic and Spencer Hawes, and the fragility of Tony Battie, he's already surpassed any expectations we've had and has shored up a spot at least 475. If he actually quit playing basketball right now, he would still have had a more successful career than predicted. So, with that knowledge, it's time to give the guy an official nickname. A lot of temporary ones have gotten tossed around, but all agreeing upon one and then maybe using the others sparsely would go a long way towards togetherness and synergy and whatnot.

So without further ado, here's a few candidates for a potential nickname for the big guy out of Pennsbury High School.

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