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More Analysis! Sixers, Jodie Meeks Bad at Transition Three's

After Jordan's internet-raving post this morning about clutch statistics (READ IT), classify this red-headed stepchild in the "water is wet" category. SB Nation's Mike Prada did some Synergy Sports ( if you please) analysis of transition three-point shots on a team and individual basis. The article speaks for itself if you care to give it a read, but I'll cherrypick the Sixers stuff and call it my own.

Five teams shoot under 30 percent on transition threes: the Charlotte Bobcats (29.8 percent on 57 attempts), the Los Angeles Lakers (29.6 percent on 54 attempts), the Memphis Grizzlies (28.9 percent on 45 attempts), the Philadelphia 76ers (28.6 percent on 77 attempts) and the Houston Rockets (27.8 percent on 90 attempts). The Rockets at the bottom is a major surprise. Houston is ninth in the NBA in offensive efficiency despite firing up way too many transition three-pointers. If they cut some of those out, they'd likely rise even higher in the rankings.

The Sixers are right behind Houston at 10th in the league in Offensive Efficiency so take that for what you will.

Jodie Meeks is in the baddie category for making just 13 of his 44 transition three-point attempts, a 29.5% clip. He's tied with Joe Johnson in 2nd place behind the incomparable Nick Young in most transition trey's attempted. It's extremely curious for a number of reasons.

  1. Jodie Meeks is a legitimately good three-point shooter. Young and Johnson are streakier black holes.
  2. M33ks.
  3. Jodes doesn't take that many shots to begin with, it's odd that he's near the top in this category.
  4. He's extremely quick on the break so pulling up seems counter-intuitive when he can get all the way to the cup.

I guess there's nothing better than just setting the ol' feet. Maybe all the BOSS drives and (occasionally) dishes should wait until the half-court offense gets set because Jodie may be the best half-court player the Sixers have. On three-pointers attempted NOT in transition, he's shooting 43.9%. Hmm.

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