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Sixers run over Pistons 97-68

Greg Monroe and Elton Brand practicing Jujutsu on the basketball court.  The Sixers won the side event 97-68
Credit: Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE
Greg Monroe and Elton Brand practicing Jujutsu on the basketball court. The Sixers won the side event 97-68 Credit: Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The Sixers clobbered the Pistons 97-68 to start the second half of the season off on the right foot and end their season long 5 game losing streak.

Thaddeus Young led the Sixers with 20 points and 8 rebounds in just over 29 minutes of action. His fellow night shift partner Louis Williams chipped in 13 points and 7 assists, include 6 straight in the third quarter when the Pistons threatened to make it interesting. Jodie Meeks and Andre Iguodala each chipped in an efficient 12 points, and Jrue Holiday and Elton Brand contributed 10 each.

Take a look at some of the numbers the Sixers have compiled in their three games against the Pistons this year.

The Sixers have outscored the Pistons 288-215 in the three games the two teams have played, winning 96-73, 95-74 and 97-68.

The Sixers have held their opponent to 37% or less eFG% 4 times this year: 3 times against the Pistons and once against the Raptors.

The Sixers have held the Pistons to a 34.3% fg% and have averaged 11 steals per game during the three games.

Greg Monroe has averaged 19.3 points per game over three games, Rodney Stuckey 14 points per game in two played while shooting 38.1% from the field. Nobody else has averaged in double figures scoring.

Jrue Holiday has held Brandon Knight to 9 points per game on 27.8% from the field, 15.4% from three. He shot 2-8 from the field tonight to go along with 1 assist and 3 turnovers.

After a close first quarter, the Sixers scored the first 11 in the second quarter and the game was never close from there on out.

Those that think the Sixers struggles the last 5 games were representative of their talent are going to point out that they played against the Pistons. They'll say the next game against the Thunder is the true test, even though the Sixers will be traveling on a back to back and the Thunder haven't played in nearly a week. Those that think the Sixers were contenders mired in a bad slump will place too much emphasis on a game played against a bad team that matches up poorly with the Sixers. The truth is obviously somewhere in the middle.

Despite that, it was nice to see the Sixers go out and demolish a team they should beat, something they've really done all season. It was great to see them get out in transition, to see Jrue and Iguodala hit some shots, to see Jrue manhandle the Pistons perimeter players in the third quarter and to see Lou hit some big shots to put the game away.

Ultimately, enjoy the win. it may not mean a while lot in April/May, but it sure was refreshing to see now after that frustrating 5 game losing streak.

  • Jrue's defense was absolutely incredible today. Check out the lines of Jrue and Iguodala's assignments tonight. They might be underrated defenders, honestly
  • Love seeing Jodie make transition three's. Completely opens up our break.
  • Thad's 2nd/3rd quarters were insane. He even drew a foul! I was surprised as you were. Not to mention pulling down some tough defensive rebounds.
  • After a good start, Turner struggled a bit down the stretch with his shot. He could really use a huge game to get his confidence back.
  • Lou's offensive spurt pretty much killed any remote hope the Pistons had.
  • The Sixers TO rate (14.6%) and Pistons offensive rebound rate (31.3%) last night were statistical oddities for a team that is 1st and 5th in those departments league wide.
  • Doug Collins, who went to the locker room to start the 4th quarter, said this wasn't a recurrence of the vertigo he suffered last year and that he's fine.
Player of the game: Thaddeus Young
Next up: Tomorrow, At home against the Thunder
76ers vs Pistons boxscore

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