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Spencer Hawes Out Two More Weeks With Achilles Injury

Remember how excited we were to have Spencer Hawes back? An 8-10 record without him (strength of schedule notwithstanding) indicates he's been missed severely and the luggage toting Republican's post-ASB return was something I've had written on my hand for weeks. Well, stuff your sorries in a sack because the Philadelphia 76ers will begin their second half of the season tonight shorthanded, as Spencer is reportedly out for at least another two weeks.

Hawes, who has missed 20 games this season and 19 of the last 20 with a strained left Achilles' tendon, will have the walking boot on his left foot but at the urging of his California specialist, Dr. Richard Ferkel, will not play for at least another two weeks from this Friday, according to the Sixers.

Hawses visited with the Steve Urkel's brother Ferkel over the All-Star break and healing was apparently not complete. In his place the Sixers will most likely continue to start rookie Lavoy Allen at the 5, or possibly Andres Nocioni just to mess with our heads. Nikola Vucevic figures to stay on the Night Shift because Doug Collins is Doug Collins.

The Sixers sit at 20-14, coming off 5 straight losses and two awesome NBA All-Star Weekend performances from Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner. Momentum? Gonna have to start it themselves.

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