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Air Jordan 12 Campaign: Fly Through, Fly Around, Fly Over

Anybody who's anybody (I'm somebody!) reading this blog on a regular basis (we love and appreciate all of you <3) knows that I'm a sneaker nut. I sacrificed my Friday night last week to wait for the Jordan IV Cements to drop at midnight. While I didn't trample anyone to land the Jordan XI Concords two days before Christmas, I did have to spend a little more coin than I would have liked. Knowing my love for sneakers, especially Jordans, you could only imagine my excitement when SB Nation decided to run a video tournament of sorts to promote the upcoming release of the Air Jordan 2012s.

The new Jordan 12s (not to be confused with Jordan XIIs) come in three different styles: Fly Through, Fly Around, and Fly Over (all available this Saturday). To promote these new beauties, SB Nation is asking readers to vote on which highlight they believe encapsulates each of those specific styles. The first round of voting is for the Fly Through category. You can watch all of the highlights and vote on your favorite here.

What exactly does it mean to "Fly Through" you ask? Here's just one of the videos you have the option of voting for...

There are four other options to vote for, so get on over to the SB Nation home page (or click the link earlier in this post) and let your voice be heard. Be on the lookout next week when the options for Fly Around and Fly Over are posted. Let the Liberty Ballers voice be heard!

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