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All Star Weekends of Yesteryear

At my friend’s ninth birthday party, we tried to replicate the Cedric Ceballos blindfold dunk downstairs in his unfinished basement. We spun the birthday boy around three times – dizzy bat style – told him it would kill with the judges. We also told him to watch out for the rake, and the pole, and the random assortment of snow shovels.

He didn’t get hurt. Missed the dunk though. So today, let’s wish Brian a happy birthday and reminisce on a couple of Sixers, and their past All-Star Weekends.

From a February 18th, 1993 article in the Daily News:

"Spoon is more of a power dunker, Timmy more of a finesse dunker," Moe said. "They both get up there pretty good. I think they'll do all right."

Thanks, Moe. We’ll check back with you at the Aggro Crag.

1993 Slam Dunk Contest: Tim Perry

(Fast forward to 1:29 and 6:09 mark).

Just a dreadful, boring performance. And his second dunk – cripes, I don’t know. I think a fundamentally-sound lay-up would have shown more imagination. Tim Perry appeared in three dunk contests (’89, ’93, and ’95). He finished in 5th, 7th, and 5th respectively. Who kept inviting him? Was he Harold Miner’s plus one? Tim Perry was probably the first person I ever saw on drugs. Yeah, it was only Ambien, but I was nine. It was eye-opening nonetheless. Perry just looked completely uninterested. Were we holding him up? Did he and his girl have plans? Have tickets for the new Harrison Ford flick?


The one-armed man did it.

I guess I just expect more from a Temple guy. Rick Brunson practically raised me. Looking back, I should have written a strongly-worded letter to Perry, using the mail address for each NBA franchise found in the back of the latest edition of Hoop Magazine.

Dear Mr. Perry,

I wanted you to win the dunk contest. My friend wanted Spoon to win. But I wanted you. I don’t think you tried hard to win.

In third grade,


PS: Please sign my basketball card that is in this envelope. You’re my favorite player.

From that same February 18th, 1993 article in the Daily News:

Perry considers Weatherspoon as the Sixers' top hope to win the slam-dunk title since the contest was inaugurated in 1984.

"I'm going to do my two dunks, get out and watch Spoon win it," Perry said.

Spoken like a true competitor.

2006 Slam Dunk Contest: Andre Iguodala

(Watch his dunks here. Ante up! NSFW: language)

Andre was fantastic that night. You know, the alley oop was ridiculous, but, man, I love that behind the back gem (dunk three). And his performance wasn’t gimmicky. No capes. No cars. Just a man and his hops. And his thoughts. But, unfortunately, as we all know, the best man didn’t win that night.

Nate Robinson did.

It’s obvious that his height played a role with the judges - which is dumb. He’s not even that short. It’s not like he’s Mugsy Bogues. Or Spud Webb. Or Greg Grant! Nate Robinson is 5’9." Guy probably wears a 42 Regular suit. I’m supposed to be impressed that he dunked? A 42R? Pfft. I’m 5’6". I’d be swimming in that coat. Go play your height card somewhere else, Nate. You’re too tall to read this post.

Also, it took Robinson four and a half hours to make his final dunk. Why didn’t someone step in? Where were the producers? TNT thrust me into a Law and Order episode twenty minutes in that night. Absolutely no context whatsoever. Not even Dick Wolf sitting in my living room could have brought me up to speed.

Enjoy the festivities.

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