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Sixers Links, Presidential Style

What did you guys get your loved ones for President's Day? If you think anything like I do, you would have gotten your mom a Millard Fillmore fathead, which she'd hang proudly over your third grade school picture. Even if you're not as giving on this holiday as I am, at least some of you could celebrate by taking a day off (especially all of our postal worker fans!). If you haven't gotten jolly on the greatest February weekend holiday of all-time, how about you start by enjoying a few Sixers links?

Today we've got just a few snippets, mostly because every piece of NBA news right now has to do with either Jeremy Lin or JR Smith's ever-confusing haircut while all Sixers news is about the "foul" occurring at the conclusion of last night's loss in Minnesota.

Let's get into it!

Collins wants Holiday to be more aggressive: Philadelphia Daily News

"We need Jrue to be more aggressive and looking to score the ball early," Collins said Sunday. "He needs to score for our team. I don't want there to be any indecision about what he needs to do for our team."

"I just have to start out attacking," Holiday said. "I know there are times when I try to start off and get the whole team into it. But I think we play better when I start off aggressive. And if I start off and make an aggressive mistake, that's better than not being aggressive at all."

A couple more after the jump.

SB Nation Rookie Power Rankings - Nikola Vucevic at Number 6: SB Nation

From Rohan!

The evolutionary successor to Dongaila continues to race up the rankings. He's been a force off the ball, but he's also quite intriguing to watch in the P&R. Moving while setting a pick is an art form; the best screeners in the league all do it without getting caught. Vooch is no different.

Holiday not losing confidence, knows he must get to the line more: Philadelphia Daily News

"I think there's been a couple of games where I haven't [been aggressive]. But the Charlotte game and the Cleveland game I did it. The Orlando game I was shooting too many jump shots. I should have taken it in more. It doesn't weigh on me. If I go 1-for-9 in a game and we win, it doesn't bother me. But Lou can't be the only person getting to the line. I'm going to take up some of those free-throw attempts. And I think by me being aggressive and getting into the paint - sometimes forcing stuff - will open it up for everyone else."

Collins on Jrue's attacking

"If you look at the two games we started on the road, Charlotte and Cleveland, Jrue got us off to great starts in both of those games. I want him to look to be more of a scorer. I don't know if there was some indecision on his part or maybe not understanding exactly what he needed to do for us at that particular time. I want him thinking score, to start the game."

Sixers "Mini-Losers" of the Weekend: The Basketball Jones

In today's version of "The Fix" on the Basketball Jones, Tas Melas crowned the Sixers "mini-losers" of the weekend for their two loses to the Mavericks and T'Wolves. His reason being because of the lack of second half offense that occurred, especially against the Mavericks.

Jrue Holiday's Transition Dunk From Last Night

While the outcome and final plays weren't something I'd ever want to see again, this transition dunk from Jrue is a clip I wouldn't mind snacking on for a while. It's high in fiber don't ya know.

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