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More on Kevin Love's Free Throws


After exploring it in detail last night, I was hoping that would cleanse me of the aggravation that was the Andre Iguodala reach-in of Kevin Love. Well, thanks to, I've gotten the chance to watch it a gazillion times and get even more aggravated. How great!

Basically, I have a few questions:

  1. Why did Louis Williams start his 18-foot jump shot with 3.5 seconds left on the shot clock over the 6'7 Martell Webster?
  2. Why was NO ONE on the Sixers under the basket to rebound? The fact that Kevin Love easily got the defensive board and called a quick time out has been grossly overlooked by us. If Doug Collins wants Boss to iso, fine, but the idea that he would actually take the ball to the basket there is hilarious, yet the players cleared out for him anyway. They may as well have walked off the court once Lou got the ball.
  3. Why was that foul called a full second after Andre supposedly "fouled" him?
  4. Why did the clock continue to run almost a full second after the whistle blew?
  5. Why did the refs not just check to see if there should be more time on the clock? This question is easily the most unnerving.

So those are my questions. The Sixers, undoubtedly, should have won last night's game in the first 47 minutes rather than the final one, but in the same token, they were the victim of poor, careless officiating. I'm sorry to stoke the fire, but please feel free to vent about superstar calls, the Sixers lack of one, and Doug Collins' decision-making below.

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