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Week Eight NBA Power Rankings: Sixers Continue To Fall

The Philadelphia 76ers continued their limp into the NBA All-Star break with a crushing loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday and have now lost three consecutive games and five of their last seven since their Boss-induced win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

See how far they fell in the national NBA Power rankings following their three-loss week.

John Schuhmann, - 8th (4th in East)

The Sixers have lost five of their last seven, with their four-man backcourt (Holiday, Meeks, Turner and Williams) combining to shoot 37 percent in that stretch. This is a team that could use the All-Star break, but they have a road back-to-back in Memphis and Houston before they get it.

Tom Ziller, SB Nation - 9th (5th in East)

The Sixers' slide isn't terribly surprising or dispiriting: They aren't losing to patsies, and their early season schedule was very light. Things had to normalize at some point.

Chris Sheridan, Sheridan Hoops - 8th (4th in East)

Have dropped four of six, losing to every quality opponent they have faced. I said it last week and I'll say it again: An Andres Nocioni-Shawn Marion deal helps both teams, Philly in the short term and Dallas for next summer. (Nocioni's contract is non-guaranteed next season). Milk carton mention for Jodie Meeks, scoreless vs. Mavs and 1-of-8 in last two games from downtown

John Hollinger, ESPN - 5th (3rd in the East)

Marc Stein, ESPN - 7th (3rd in the East)

A healthy Spencer Hawes was one of the first contenders to emerge in the MIP race now led by J-Lin. Now? Hawes is simply missed. The Sixers are 8-10 without him and an equally frustrating 0-5 in games decided by four points or fewer, which makes Philly the league's only team without a win in those circumstances.

Composite: 7.4 (3.8 in East)

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