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After The Mavericks Loss, It's Still Not That Bad

I'm sensing a whole lot of Sky Is Falling mentality from you guys. That's okay, because we're naturally predisposed to hate everything and be skeptical as hell - it's why I love you. But there's less to worry about than your heart palpitations are currently indicating.

Every team goes through cold stretches. The Sixers are not immune to that, even with how deep they go on the bench. Missing Spencer Hawes, the offense looks uglier, the easy buckets are fewer, and contested outside shots have been the norm. I have an article running tomorrow morning venting about the long two conundrum, but for now, I want to make sure everyone's breathing and remembers that the Sixers are still pretty great.

The defense is awesome (best in the league efficiency-wise), they're still filthy in the open floor (though those points don't count, natch), and as bad as some of the Sixers have played at times (Elton Brand, Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner, Doug Collins!), they're still 3rd in the Eastern Conference with a few banner wins on their CV. As you'll read tomorrow morning, feel free to worry about their offensive philosophy, but even with a stagnant half-court set, this is still a top 10 team in the league, capable of beating anybody but the Heat due to their defense alone.

That's still pretty cool.

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