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Mavericks @ Sixers Game Thread

Mavericks vs 76ers coverage


Location: Wells Fargo Center
Time: February 17th, 2012, 8:00 PM Eastern
Channel: CSN, ESPN (!!!!)
Probable starters:
Jason Kidd PG Jrue Holiday
Dominique Jones SG Jodie Meeks
Shawn Marion SF Andre Iguodala
Dirk Nowitzki PF Elton Brand
Brendan Haywood C Lavoy Allen
Advanced Stats: (league rankings)
99.3 (20) Off 104.2 (6)
96.4 (5) Def 93.6 (1)
48.43% (14) eFG% 49.54% (10)
46.10% (5) deFG% 44.65% (2)
13.92% (9) TOR 10.22% (1)
23.81% (25) ORR 22.37% (30)
74.55% (11) DRB 74.4% (13)
26.8% (18) FTR 23.4% (28)

Mortal Enemies: Mavs Moneyball

The defending NBA champions are in town, fellas. While they got off to a slow start, the Mavs have silently crept all the way back up and now sit as the 4th seed in the western conference. Brandan Wright and friends will look to extend their 5-game winning streak tonight against our Sixer boys who are 2-3 in their last 5 and have lost 2 straight home games, both to upper echelon teams in the West (the Spurs and Clippers). Check out the preview Mike did with SBN Dallas for some Mav fan perspective on their veteran-heavy squad.

Check out the game on ESPN but if you can't live without the Zumoff/Rose connection, don't worry, Comcast SportsNet will also have coverage.

Injury Update: Per usual, Spencer Hawes will be babysitting his luggage instead of playing tonight. The Mavericks will be without sixth-man Jason Terry (strained quad/personal), St. Joe's very own Delonte West (dislocated finger), and Rodrique "Roddy Buckets" Beaubois (personal).

Vegas Line: The line has been set at 3 in favor of the Sixers.

The Sixers are on national TV tonight? I see you like to stay up on your ESPN. If you're thinking Sixers win, you must have ESP then.

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