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Evan Turner Not Picked Last for Rising Stars Challenge

With Evan Turner firmly in the talent pool for the formerly-named Rookies/Sophomores game that will now be known as the Rising Stars Challenge, it came down to where exactly he will be picked. His improvement from last season got him on the team, but apparently not enough to merit a higher pick. Save for the offensively absent Tristan Thompson, everyone else on the team was picked before Evan Turner. Burn.

Charles Barkley nabbed Evan with his very last pick, on a team where ET will be playing with John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins. If only Derrick Favors had made the cut! He'll also suit up with Tanner's dream boyfriend Paul George and fellow #2 pick disappointment, Derrick Williams. I'm so glad NBA careers are decided after one season!

It's clear that, nationally, Evan's game isn't considered better than that of less-abled players like Gordon Hayward, Kawhi Leonard, Norris Cole, among others. But most of all, new and completely unsurprising addition, Jeremy Lin. He's not that good people. I was really rooting for the kid coming out of Harvard and with Golden State, but man, everyone else is making it extremely easy to root for him to fail hard and fast.

At least he didn't go last. Hopefully we can rub this in everyone's faces once he becomes the player he's going to be.

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