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A New Addition to Liberty Ballers

Time to usher in some good news after last night's vomfest in Orlando. Though you've gotten used to the four of us handling duties around here, you're going to have to adapt to a new uncle. As you can now see in the masthead below, Where is Ben Rivera is now a contributing writer to the gang at Liberty Ballers. We can officially field a basketball team and also have enough guys for an episode of NEXT on MTV!

WIBR, whose real name is Dave, comes to us by way of his own Where Is Ben Rivera blog, and you'll no doubt remember him from his series on forgotten Sixers of our troubled and awkward past. We've been front paging his stuff anyway so we figured why not give him a little more room to roam while reinforcing our ranks at the same time. He'll be continuing this series and running with new series as time goes on. All of us think we have a nice stable of varying voices on the site and WIBR just adds another niche to our holster (I just made that a saying). We hope you welcome him with open arms and open fingers because he's a keeper.

Say hello and welcome aboard, WIBR!

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