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Whole Lotta Bleh: Ryan Anderson, Dwight Howard, Magic Charge Past Sixers Post-Game Dry Heave

That may have been a worse loss than the Nets game, simply for how awful they looked from start to finish against the Orlando Magic. Led Zeppelin said it best, by way of CoburnsCuddleBuddy, this game was a Whole Lotta Bleh.

But the Magic are a terrific team when Dwight Howard gives a hoot and their shooters are making shots. And tonight, holy mother of Boss did they hit their shots. 53% from the field and 15 of 25 three-pointers made. Someone should be shot and killed for how many open looks they had. They kept falling. It wasn't fun. I hated myself. You hated yourself. Ryan Anderson shoved his sweaty jock into our mouths. Good times.

The Sixers fall to 20-10 and are staring into the beady eyes of the defending champions for Friday's game. Unfortunately, the Sixers haven't played a legitimately good game since they beat the Lakers.

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