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Jodie Meeks Not In NBA Three Point Contest

The NBA Three Point Contestants have been announced on the NBA Twitter page and Jodie Meeks, nor any other Sixer, will be participating. Instead, we'll get to see Ryan Anderson (42.1), Joe Johnson (35.6), Kevin Love (36.1), Mario Chalmers (46.3), James Jones (40.4), and Anthony Morrow (42.0) throw balls at a hoop in a circle while we wait for the Dunk Contest to happen.

Jones won last year so I suppose I see the reasoning for having him defend his crown, but he's made 19 three's this year. 19. I've made more three's than he has this year - fact. If he's not playing well, or at all, there's really no reason to include him in this should-be "exclusive" event. Johnson and Love are the biggest names of the bunch, included specifically because, well, they have names that people recognize. They may as well have asked Allen Iverson to compete. Then people would watch.

Chalmers, Anderson, and Morrow are all deserving, but in terms of a three-point contest, the others just shouldn't be there over M33ks. I can make a few percentage-related cases for Andre Iguodala, Louis Williams, and Jrue Holiday to get in ahead of some of them. Meeks is only behind Chalmers (and a barely playing Jones) in terms of eFG% and is the definition of a spot-up shooter. Minus Jones, he also has the highest percentage of shots attempted from beyond the arc at 63%.

Does this snub indicate more national media Sixer ignorance? Or are people just reluctant to give nameless Jodie Meeks a shot in the national spotlight over some well-known commodities? Display your bitterness below.

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