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Sixers Giving Away Piece Of Wilt Chamberlain 100-Point Game Court

In talking to the, ahem, older generation of Sixers fans, you've no doubt come across people who claim to have been there when Wilt Chamberlain dropped a century on the Knicks 50 years ago. It produced this picture, one of the most famous sports-related photos in history. And while Wilt has passed on, the Sixers have procured a piece of the original court from that game. The court had been purchased, and previously stored by Hershey Entertainment and Resorts over the years.

In perhaps one of the coolest sporting even giveaways of all time, the Sixers will hand out mounted 2"x2" pieces of the court to ticket holders at the March 2nd game against the Golden State Warriors to commemorate Chamberlain's landmark performance. Plenty of tickets available by the by - check the best deals out here.

The rest of the court will be divided among several venues, including the Wells Fargo Center, the Sixers' practice facility at PCOMM, and good old Hershey, Pennsylvania, where the game was played, and also a stone's throw from where our own Ben16 grew up. The Sixers will be donating a piece to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA.

The 76ers will honor Chamberlain's family at halftime of the Warriors game in a ceremony that will include video highlights from his career and appearances from former teammates. Should be cool, considering there aren't a ton of Wilt highlights readily accessible. I'm hoping for some clips of the thousand women he's boned. At least one of them had to have been a dude without him realizing it, right?

Anyway, this should be cool if you can make it down to the arena. This 100-point novelty won't be around for awhile - Louis Williams should be breaking that record any day now.

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