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Evan Turner and Jodie Meeks: Death Match

The sides of this argument have become so muddled and sloshed around that I'm not exactly sure where any of you stand anymore. The discussion about starting Evan Turner over incumbent bomb-dropper Jodie Meeks has been the most talked-about subject on this blog and often the most heated (Boss excluded).

So I'm going to try and harness your discussion here, because it's one that is worth having, even though I'm not sure what we're arguing. I'd like to fully and explicitly state that I want Evan Turner to start and play 30 minutes a night. I want this because I think he has the potential to be the best, most complete player on the team with Andre Iguodala (he of the gotta be unsustainable 38.8% three-point shooting). I think the Sixers can accomplish as much as they would this year with ET getting 30 and significantly more down the road. I don't think Doug Collins "hates" him, nor do I think he's using him correctly. Collins is trying to do what's best for Evan and for the team - I don't think trading him is even getting considered, nor should it be.

That's not to say I don't value the floor-stretchiness that is M33KS, but with improved outside shooting from Dre (6.1% over career), Jrue Holiday (1.8% over career), and Louis Williams (5.2% over career), Jodie is less of a necessity than he was last season. The offense stalls too often in the half court, especially without a healthy Spencer Hawes, and then it becomes Bosstime, which either works perfectly or an asteroid hits the stadium and kills everyone inside except for Boss, who continues taking fadeaway 28-footers with 18 seconds left on the shot clock. I'd rather see Turner's playmaking improve in the half court for 30 minutes, and Jodie hitting three's and playing reasonably decent defense against the second team for 18-20.

Or they could just fight to the death. Let this be your battle royal, but be nice to each other, and no jumping off the top rope unless you're doing the Undertaker rope walk.

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