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Allen Iverson and Jeremy Lin Were Nearly Lakers

With Linsanity reaching a Tebow-high, news of his actions are practically TMZ-level. It's no surprise that, according to everyone's 2nd least favorite ESPN personality, Stephen A. Smith (Skip Bayless is the first) is reporting that Jeremy Lin was going to have a waiver claim put on him by the Los Angeles Lakers. And who else were they targeting? The hologram of what was formerly known as Allen Iverson.

Per Stephen A, via Scott Schroeder:

He apparently wasn't willing to meet their demands. Not only would he have had to practice, according to Smith, he would've had to do it while wearing the jersey of their D-League affiliate L.A. D-Fenders.

Raise your hand if you were surprised that former Sixers squeeze Iverson didn't want to go to the D-League in order to play for the Lakers. While Lin is now gaining much fanfare for his extremely impressive (and unsustainable) play with the Knicks, AI is still waiting for a call from somebody, anybody, who will give him a contract. So long as he doesn't have to prove himself in a lesser league. There's nobody outside of Terrell Owens who has a less accurate sense of their own abilities than he does. Maybe Brett Favre.

Anyway, LINtlemania is en vogue. Overreact accordingly.

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