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The Evening After: Sixers at Celtics Game Thread

After last night's thriller in Philadelphia, the Sixers and Celtics meet again, this time in TD Garden, in a game sure to be not as good as the one that preceded it.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Game 20

December 8, 2012
TD Garden
7:30 PM ET
Probable Starters
Jrue Holiday PG Rajon Rondo
Jason Richardson SG Jason Terry
Evan Turner SF Paul Pierce
Thaddeus Young PF Brandon Bass
Lavoy Allen C Kevin Garnett
2012/13 Advanced Stats
93.1 (26th) Pace 94.9 (15th)
99.8 (21st) ORtg 102.0 (13th)
100.1 (10th) DRtg 101.7 (16th)
Game Officials
Jason Phillips
Dick Bavetta
Josh Tiven